Astronomy vs. Astrology

Posted: November 15, 2006 in Uncategorized

Astrologers say Lagna is more reliable than traditional ‘zodiac horoscopes’.
Lagna is taken from start of the day. The lagna at sunrise is the constellation where the sun is supposed to be that time. Two hours later the constellation rising next to the first lagna of the day is taken as the next lagna. The lagna changes every two hours just like this. But if we are taking the reference point at sunrise and the constellation the sun resides in at the sunrise, then we are purely not using the right constellation. It is because no astrologers are updated with the precession of equinoxes. The calculation is again off by one constellation. So lagnas calculated for any time of the day is wrong. So how can the astrologers be so sure that when they are calculating lagnas they are making more accurate predictions?
Udpate: Wow, I remember writing this right after coming back from talking with an “astrology” professor who has practically taken over the astronomy community in Nepal. No I did not tell him about the precession of equinoxes would affect “lagna” because it does not. I was wrong when I wrote in this post that lagna calculation is incorrect. The precession of equinoxes has not affected the dates used by Hindu Astrologers for the position of the Sun unlike the western astrology.


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