SEDS-Nepal and Astral Journal

Posted: March 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

We are officially SEDS-Nepal already but we don’t have plans until the end of June. I have even stopped publishing The Astral Journal for a few months. Until then, everyone must wait patiently and just find what we have in our newsletters in our Yahoo! group.

I have posted some photos of starfields, moon and Venus in the western horizon (above: lights from Kirtipur on the horizon) in our Yahoo groups. (But I am still having problems with posting them! You know we can’t trust the internet here.)

In our sky…

In the morning of 14th April, Moon approaches within 2 minutes (angle) of Mars (now in Aquarius constellation) but it doesn’t happen until 6:53 am when the glare of the sun outshines all the dimmer objects like Mars. Not to worry Mars will still be within 1 degree from the Moon before twilight. The red star near the crescent moon is obviously Mars. Don’t miss this opportunity. Lucky are those living in Hong Kong, Japan and most of the eastern coast of Asia who will observe an occultation of Mars by the Moon.
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    I really like your blog!

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