Posted: May 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

We are calling student teams from wide range of fields including Physics, Engineering, Electronics, Robotics and Geology to participate in workshops and bring their ideas about any possible student-based research projects on Astronomy and Geophysics. We have not yet fixed dates for all this however.

These include the topics of interest:

1. Radio Astronomy Projects: Cosmic Ray detection (Muni Shakya, Lok Narayan Jha)
2. LASER based Communication (Kathmandu Engineering College)
3. Solar: Development of Magnetometers, etc
4. Exoplanet Search
5. Aerospace/Aviation/Rocketry: Remote Control UAV and scientific payload
Launch rockets/RC aeroplanes with experimental/scientific payloads, payload recovery for data processing/analysis
Experimentation on propellants/rocketry
6. Archaeoastronomy: Trekkings to remote villages to excavate and learn from ruins of ancient chhatedhunga, etc.
7. Atmospheric sciences, environmental sciences, meteorology
8. Preparation for the 2009 Total Solar Eclipse, Path of totality crosses eastern region of our country


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