Website problem

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Kosmandu, Telescope

Kosmandu’s main website has not been accessible due to unknown reasons. Neither have we been able to contact the domain/hosting reseller. The owner of the reseller company is probably out of country.

As for the group, Kosmandu has also been quietly performing its activities, looking at the stars and inspiring others while these days other groups are performing larger mass observation programs.

Kosmandu has also seen lot of shuffles in its membership just like it happens in Nepali politics. There were times it was attacked my malicious people. But the trick is to keep doing the work. Keep inspiring whoever or whatever comes in the way. Use anything for the benefit of larger population. Nepal is also going through hell right now. With strikes, so-called andolans and headaches, this is no different than hell. And it is a wonder how people love to suffer in this hell. There’s no other way than to wait until the storm passes away and peace comes back. Looks like King’s absense is a bad omen for the country even for skeptics like us. These are the times when spirituality is most wanted. Hoping for the comeback of the King and restoring order in the nation.

Jai Nepal!


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