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I only think that some people are undermining the greatness of our calendar, which has had a glorious history, by trying to change it. Fortunately, the current ‘president’ of the nation has not accepted the change fearing hindus from protesting and politicizing the matter. ‘Pashupatinath-Priest-Scandal Trauma’ has not left the president and most probably Lord Pashupatinath saved our calendar. He saved our ‘Astronomy’!!!! Thanks, God!

Francois Gautier in Indian Express, Monday, October 25, ’99, wrote:

In astronomy too, the “Indus” (from the valley of the Indus) have left a universal legacy, determining for instance the dates of solstices, as noted by 18th century French astronomer Jean-Sylvain Bailly: “The movement of stars which was calculated by Hindus 4,500 years ago, does not differ even by a minute from the tables which we are using today.” And he concludes: “The Hindu systems of astronomy are much more ancient than those of the Egyptians – even the Jews derived from the Hindus their knowledge”. There is also no doubt that the Greeks heavily borrowed from the “Indus”.