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Lost from view

Posted: December 2, 2007 in Comet 17/P Holmes, Observing

As astronomers worldwide are reporting the comet 17/P Holmes to be no longer visible to the naked eye, those who live in darker sites are finding themselves lucky to see the comet more beautiful than ever. It is looking fairly beautiful with its tail, when you observe from any darker sites far from city lights. It could be the outskirts of Kathmandu city, or any village around the country. The comet is now a little higher than Mirphak, best seen with binoculars or backyard telescopes from any city in the northern hemisphere. As the size of the comet has increased so drastically, it has been the largest object in the Solar System for a while. is still reporting on this comet. Find its pictures there.


Comet 17/P Holmes was reported by many last night that it wasn’t simply there! But in fact, it is still there moving across the sky in the constellation Perseus.

It is passing infront of the star Mirphak, so maybe the brightness of this star led your eyes to believe that the comet holmes has disappeared. A closer look with binoculars or telescopes will let you know that it is still there, though it is true it is losing its brightness as days go by.

Hubble has been taking close look at this comet. Take a look at this news article at homepage: Click here.

Check picture gallery on Comet Holmes: Click here. 

Tailed Holmes?

Posted: November 4, 2007 in Comet 17/P Holmes, Observing

Look at this picture from It’s a composite image of Comet Holmes taken by Sebastian Voltmer of Germany and it shows faint blue tail.

[Well, click the link to open the picture 😉]


3D orbit+ 

No Sunspots

Posted: November 3, 2007 in Observing, Solar

In November 16 last year, a big sunspot was seen on the surface of the sun through the fog in early morning and I made a quick look into it through the telescope. Although you should not be doing this without proper filtering, I prompted at doing it as the fog had made the sun almost invisible. It was a really beautiful thing when I saw it. I had posted a drawing of it in another blog. Nearly one year later the sun seems to be so calm, no any sunspot is seen.

No sunspot. Credit: SOHO/MDI Source:

November 16 last year:

Sunspot 923

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