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Cosmology@Home — our team

Posted: November 3, 2007 in Cosmology, Projects

Kirk has just started a team for (all the) SEDS (members around the world) at the Cosmology@Home website. Just go to and download the BOINC software. When prompted enter Don’t forget to join the SEDS team on the website (of course after signing up first).

Here’s the SEDS Cosmology@Home page:

Cosmology@Home is a computer application that runs in background when the computer is not in use. TheĀ goal is to search for cosmological models that describe our universe and agree with available astronomical and particle physics data.

The application working on its own, calculates the observable predictions of millions of theoretical models with different parameters. These predictions are then compared with actual data:

1) the fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background (observed from space by the WMAP and soon the Planck spacecraft, as well as from ground based and balloon based experiments),

2) the large scale distribution of galaxies and clusters of galaxies,

3) measurements of the current expansion speed of the Universe by the Hubble space telescope,

4) the acceleration of the Universe as measured by observations of supernova explosions,

5) observations of primordial element abundances in distant gas clumps, and

6) gravitational lensing data, when it becomes available.